Getting to HNU:

Durocher Residence Hall:
Upon entering the campus, there is an information gate.  You can ask the attendant to guide you to Durocher Hall.  
Somebody will be at the desk in Durocher Hall 24 hours, so you will be welcomed by staff no matter what time you arrive.
Announce yourself as a Suzuki Participant and they will kindly show you to your room and hand you a welcome packet.
Please see Residence Hall for more information. 

Class Location: Valley Center for the Performing Arts, Room 539
The beautiful cylindrical building you see when you first enter campus is the VCPA. Classes will be held on the top floor in Room 539 at the end of the hallway.

Practice Rooms:
Practice rooms will be available as scheduled in VCPA as well as in the Kennedy Arts Center.

The cafeteria will be open for breakfast and lunch and is located in the Public Market at the Soda Commons Building.
You are welcome to order a la carte from their selection and also order a dinner at breakfast time to be picked up at lunch.
There is also a little plaza within walking distance with a Safeway grocery store, coffee shop cafe, Chinese restaurant, pizzeria, CVS Pharmacy and Burger Joint.
Each room also has a refrigerator and microwave, so you could pick up groceries and keep them in your room.