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Course Description

The SAA Practicum Unit has been developed to enhance the SAA’s system of short term workshop training. While the core training units mainly offer focus on Suzuki repertoire and piano technique, the emphasis of the Practicum is on honing the art of teaching. Topics to be explored will include communication skills, teaching strategies, diagnostics and observation. IN a nurturing and supportive environment of peers, using video footage from their home studio and on-site teaching, participants will practice self -assessment skills to identify their strengths in teaching and those areas in need of improvement. The Practicum will provide teachers with an invaluable opportunity at any stage in their development. Participants must have taught Suzuki students for a minimum of one year and completed and registered ECC and Unit 1.

The Practicum class will be limited to five participants per session. The schedule includes 15 hours of classroom work and 8 hours of observation of master classes.

The participant must prepare a videos for the class that can be shown from the projector.


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1pm - 6:30pm


9am - 3:30pm


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