On-Campus Housing

On-Campus Housing

On-Campus housing is available for the 2018 Summer Suzuki Institute, at a rate of $75 per night for single-occupancy rooms, or $60 per night for a room with a roommate.(Plus One-time cleaning fee of $20.) Each room has two single beds, a sink, and a small fridge. Some rooms have a microwave as well. Bathrooms and showers are shared and are located centrally on the same level. There are internet and printing services available in the computer lab (located on the same floor) and wi-fi throughout the campus.

Residence Halls - How to check-in, and what to expect

Upon entering the gate, head to Durocher Hall, located at the top of campus, to the right of the chapel. We suggest asking for directions at the gate!

You will find the "Residence Life Front Desk Office" around the corner to the right after you enter the building. It is open 8am - 11pm every day, and the person at the desk will have your name and room key. If no one is at the desk, please call the RA at (510) 436-1627, and they will help you to your room.

Dorm Rooms and Shower Facilities

Each room has two single beds, sheets, a blanket, pillow, and pillowcase, along with a sink, shelves, a small fridge, and in some cases, a microwave. The Bay Area has very foggy nights and mornings, so it's a good idea to bring cozy pajamas, extra socks, sweaters, and possibly extra blankets if you tend to be cold at night. Remember that the on-campus housing is dorm rooms, so anything you feel you should bring from home to warm up the place, bring it!

Showers are communal and located centrally on the floor. The rooms do not have personal showers, so bathrobes, personal toiletries, shower shoes, etc are recommended to make your bathroom experience comfortable.

Computer Lab

A computer lab is available on the same floor, and is open 8-11pm. Internet and printing services are available and wi-fi is serviceable anywhere on campus.

Packing Suggestions

The Bay Area has weather that is UNLIKE what you might expect a "California summer" to be. The bikini might not come out of the suitcase! Layers are highly suggested as the nights and mornings are chilly and it really cooks up in the afternoons. Sweaters, jeans, socks, coats, tank tops, shorts... pack a little of everything, just to be safe and comfortable.

Eating on campus

The cafeteria offers a wonderful menu.  At breakfast, you are able to order a lunch/dinner for pick-up at the lunch hour, if you like. There is also a Safeway and and a few restaurants down the hill at the little plaza.  Pizza, Chinese, Cafe as well as the grocery deli will help you find meals on the weekends when the campus cafeteria is closed.  Here are the hours of operation and prices for meals.  Cash and credit/debit are accepted (no cash back).  Enjoy!