Book 2 + The art of teaching

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Course Description

This unique two-in-one course combines Book 2 and an enrichment course called "The Art of Teaching." Both courses can be registered through SAA.

The Book 2 course discusses how to continue implementing the Suzuki philosophy in the newly revised international edition of Book 2, which contain additional repertoire. Teachers will experience the importance of continuing to develop the child’s ear, the role of a Book 2 parent, the continued development of music reading and theory and how to develop a natural technique in the repertoire. Videos and on-site demonstrations will help show how the students and parents study the pieces.

The Art of Teaching offers an additional 10 hours of a hands-on "mini-practicum" where participants have the opportunity to show videos of their own teaching and practice on students while receiving constructive feedback from Caroline Fraser.

Also includes private coaching session with Sophie Chalk! Participants can sign up to receive any additional help.

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, Music Theory, and Workshops!


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